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This is a limited release of handcut comb from the Bee Collective hives, deep within Tasmania's Gondwanan rainforest.


Leatherwood honey is unique to Tasmania.


This season is particulalry special as the honey is dominated by Eucryphia milliganii, the alpine version of traditional Leatherwood, Eucryphia lucida.


This honeycomb has less of the bang at the back of the throat and more lilac, magnolia and floral high notes.  If honeycomb ids not your thing, check out our honey. 


This is a rare release of 50 containers, and once sold out will be gone. 


Leatherwood cut comb is delicious on a charcuterie board with blue cheese, smoked meats and pickles. It is also sublime eaten on its own.


Containers are estimated weights between 155 and 185g 9.5cm x 9.5cm


100% Tasmanian.


Leatherwood Honeycomb

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