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This is the book I needed when I first started beekeeping.


Written with the new and aspiring beekeeper in mind, it is the complete opposite of a comprehensive technical guide. It contains information on how to get started, beekeeping equipment and how much time is needed to start beekeeping. It explains the lifecycle of the bee, seasons in the hive and so much more...with the last section of the book providing a step by step 'how to...'


Gorgeously illustrated by the talented Kristen Hynes, herself a new beekeeper, this book is a perfect gift to yourself or for the person in your life who has expressed an interest in beekeeping.


Take it out to the hive, read it over a cup of coffee - at 48 pages small, it is accessible to everyone, including young minds. When you are ready to move on, you can hand it on to the next person. Or not. Keep it as a reminder of where you started on your beekeeping adventures.

Little Book of Beekeeping

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