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Bee Collective workshops aim to meet people where they are to educate children and adults about the importance of all pollinators.  Co-design approaches are used to ensure workshops are engaging, fun and connected. 

Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your school, organisation or group. The Bee Collective produces unique resources to enhance the learning experience and connect the classroom to the real world.


Community rates available.

Translating an idea into reality can be hard - I know because I have been there.  Designing and implementing start point projects is my passion and I can help you drive your ideas into reality. 


am experienced at setting up Incorporated organisations, writing constitutions, building volunteer teams and running sustainable project and fundraising ideas.  Whether it's mapping out a plan, getting an event up or finding the information you need - wherever your project is up to I can help you to move your ideas forward.  

Knowing where and how to start a campaign can be daunting.  With over a decade of on ground political experience I can help you to develop the strategies you need to build all aspects of a successful campaign.


I have developed and implemented a number of campaigns to create real community and political change and I continue to lobby all levels of government for 'Project Pollinator First.' If you have an outcome in mind, I can help you to develop the strategies to get you there.


"Jenni's contributions have enabled #savethebees to be an effective organisation that has seen pesticides banned, inferior honey products removed from sale and the audience rise to over 100,000 followers.  Jenni is a powerful force because she is passionate, authentic, wise, experienced and reliable.  Jenni is now a close friend and I'm confident in future aspirations having her to call on."  Simon Mulvany, Founder Save the Bees Australia.  

"Jenni was instrumental in helping navigate the concept of developing Tasmanian Junior Beekeepers.  Jenni continues to guide us through as we develop growth in youth beekeeping in Australia."  Anita Long, Founder Tasmanian Junior Beekeepers,.

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